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Indian Name : Sarsaun

English Name : Mustard

It has always held an important place in medicine. Mustard is also been prescribed for scorpion strings, snake bite , tooth ache , stiff neck and respiratory is used as an edible , lubricant & burning is high in vitamin a.

Indian Name : Data not found…

English Name : Groundnut

It is known as peanut. Groundnut seed contains about 45% Oil and 26% Protein. It is mostly used as vegetable oil.

Indian Name : Til

English Name : Sesame

The rich almost odorless oil expressed from the tiny seeds is very stable and contains an antioxidant system comprising sesmal and is also high nutritious, rich in vitamin a,b & e as well as the minerals iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, silicic acid and phosphorous .sesame oil is considered good for lowering harmful cholesterol levels.

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