Welcome to Organic Food in India

We are organic food growers / farmers not organic food product businessmen / traders , so You can easily understand basic difference between organic food growers and organic food traders .

We are traditional farmers since generations.

We want to make people aware about organic food benefits and hazards of chemically contaminated food ( excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides) and its adverse effects on body and unfortunately the customers or the common men is not aware of this.

You know Punjab is highest pesticide and fertilizer using state in India.

You can easily see adverse effects on People of Punjab . The Cancer train only runs between Punjab and Bikaner ( Where regional Cancer Treatment and Research Institute is situated ) and no where else. What is the REASON ? I am asking YOU ?

I will answer You through my own research and documentaries specially on this topic for You.

Today every man wants to get more benefit so that like our farmers who is unknowingly using excessive amount of pesticide and this highly contaminated food is coming in our daily family diet and that Food Customer unknowingly using that food without being aware  ” In which condition that food is grown for us. “

So We introduce our food range because We know customer do not have time to Research on food that want overall result for there health and progress but We want You to give few minutes for our video section so You can see how We are different from others.

Our India’s North East state Sikkim has become first State that took final decision to become first state that is complete organic food state . Govt of Sikkim has already set up a broad target of making Sikkim largely organic by 2015. Under this initiative, state will require to make all out progress in all sectors. See not a one farmer, not a farmer community but the whole state has to take major never ever before decision to become organic crop growing state.

  Keep watching  this site We regularily update this site with diet expert videos and skin and beauty specialist tips on video section

Have You seen Amir Khan Star Plus Channel program satya mev jayate Khane ki thali mein jahar ( poison in our plate )

Its a one hour program that can change your way of thinking about daily food diet. Please must watch